Degree Days

Degree Days

Weather Data for Energy Saving

Degree Pro Website Access for API Customers

API Standard, Plus, and Premium accounts come with free Team access to Degree Pro (worth $75 a month). For large amounts of data we recommend the API or the desktop app (which itself uses the API), but the Degree Pro website is great if you or your coworkers use the regression tool or want easy web access to relatively small amounts of extended historical data or hourly temperature data.

Enter your API access keys below and click "Submit" to generate a special link that will give you free access to Degree Pro:

Please note that each link you generate here will take one API request unit. But don't worry, this is a drop in the ocean for the API Standard, Plus, and Premium accounts that include free Degree Pro access, and it will be replaced within an hour when your hourly rate limit next refreshes. Your use of Degree Pro itself will not affect your API rate limit at all.

What is Degree Pro and how is it different from the API?

Degree Pro enhances the Degree website to provide a more comprehensive service to the energy professionals who value the additional data, flexibility, and timesaving it enables. It is still the website though – you open your browser, visit the Degree website, and click around to get the data you need.

The Degree API is very different, it provides a way for other software to fetch data out of our system automatically. Many people use the API through our desktop app (to download data for lots of locations at once), and many have custom-developed software systems that automatically fetch data from our API.

Although Degree Pro and the Degree API are two quite different services, many customers find both of them useful. For this reason we provide all API Standard, Plus, and Premium customers with free Team access to Degree Pro.

You can find out more about Degree Pro here, and, if you have an API Standard, Plus, or Premium account, you can use the form above to get free access.

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