Degree Days

Degree Days

Weather Data for Energy Saving

Degree API for Automated Access to HDD and CDD

Too Technical?

If your energy software is compatible with our API, just sign up for an API account to get the access keys that will unlock your software's degree-day-based functionality.

Or, if your energy software/website is making do with low-resolution data or forcing you to import good data manually, why not contact the manufacturer to suggest an update? Just send them a link to this page – – and suggest that they could enhance their system by making it download high-quality degree-day data automatically.

The Degree API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy to automate the process of fetching data from our system. Using our API, your software can:

These are some common use cases, but there are many more possible applications. It's up to your system to decide what data to fetch, when to fetch it, and what to do with it. The key is that automating the process of fetching degree days enables you to do it on a much larger scale than our website practically allows, and with the precision and reliability that only an automated process can achieve.

If you already have some Degree compatible software, just sign up to get your API access keys and enter them into your software to unlock its degree-day-based functionality. Or, if you are a software developer (or can borrow one), it's easy to develop a custom application that fetches data from our API. See the integration guide for more details.

All the data-generation options available through our website, and more: thousands of weather stations; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, custom, and average data breakdowns; extended historical data (no 36-month limit); even more base temperatures to choose from; and hourly temperature data too. The API also uses the same accurate calculation processes as the website, but with intensive concurrent processing to generate the data faster.

It can choose the weather stations for you... You can specify the geographic locations you want data for (as postal/zip codes or longitude/latitude positions), and the API will select the best weather stations for you automatically. It chooses intelligently, considering data quality and coverage as well as proximity to your target locations. You can also fetch data by weather station ID, but geographic locations can often make things simpler and more reliable.

A simple, clearly-defined interface to a robust, sophisticated system... Raw temperature data is messy. Even the best "airport" stations (managed by official sources like the NOAA and the UK Met Office) have irregular, missing, and erroneous readings. Our internal system for turning raw temperature data into accurate degree days (and regular hourly temperatures) is complicated. But we've carefully designed our API to shield you from this complexity and provide you with usable continuous data only (with none of the gaps or cryptic special values you'll see in data from other systems). Our system is robust, well-tested, and well-documented. We've made it as straightforward as possible for your system to take full advantage of all the work we've put into ours.

Built by specialists, for specialist applications... We specialize in degree days and energy-data analysis. This is reflected in everything from the sophisticated data-calculation processes we use to the wide range of data-generation options offered by our system. Degree days are far too specialist a market for generalist weather-data providers to pay them the level of attention that we do. Whilst most weather APIs require you to fetch data one day at a time (meaning thousands of requests to assemble a full history for a location), just one call to our API will let you fetch HDD and CDD covering 10+ years, in lots of base temperatures, and broken down however you like (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Our API is built the way it is because we understand the sorts of specialist applications that you want to use it for. We don't think you'll find that elsewhere.

Clear pricing, affordable to businesses both large and small... We feel it's our duty to encourage worldwide energy saving by making our API accessible to smaller players as well as the enterprise market. Our prices are based on the costs of the intensive number crunching that our API does – costs that increase with each new customer we take on. To keep prices down we don't have the overhead of a sales team... Instead, signing up is a simple, automated process, with clearly-published prices that depend on the level of usage you want to reserve capacity for.

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