Degree Days

Degree Days

Weather Data for Energy Saving

About Degree

Degree is an online software tool that calculates degree days using temperature data from tens of thousands of weather stations worldwide. We at BizEE Software created Degree to help energy-saving professionals use degree-day data more effectively.

A little (recent) history

In the summer of 2007 we wrote a detailed article about the problems with common degree-day-based calculations. A significant proportion of the problems highlighted in that article stemmed from the fact that good degree-day data was difficult to come by.

A few months after the article was published, it occurred to us that, rather than simply writing about the problem, it would be better for us to write some software to help fix it. This seems rather obvious in retrospect!

After a lot of hard work, Degree was launched in Spring 2008.

Since then we have continued to work on the system, and Degree has grown to become very popular. We suspect it is the most widely-used source of degree-day data in the world today. Here's why 5,000+ energy professionals use it regularly.

About BizEE Software

BizEE Software is a company that specializes in developing software to help businesses and other organizations save energy. You can read more about us and our other software at

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