Degree Days

Degree Days

Weather Data for Energy Saving

Test the Degree JSON API

Enter your API access keys and your request JSON below, and we will send it to the API and show you the JSON response along with details of how the request was prepared and sent.

You can use the free test account if you haven't yet signed up for a full API account. And please see the JSON API docs for info on the JSON request options and the request-preparation process.

This will swap in your accountKey, update the timestamp and random (which should be re-generated for every request), add in complete securityInfo if you only have the main request object (e.g. just a LocationDataRequest), try to remove any comments (which we have in our JSON examples, but which aren't allowed by the API), and pretty-print the JSON (just to make it easier to read when we show it below). Usually you'll want this checked, but you can uncheck it to send your request to the API unmodified.

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