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Degree Days

Weather Data for Energy Saving

Quotes from Happy Users of Degree

We love it when people let us know that Degree is useful to them. Many thanks to everyone who has done so. We've received so many positive comments over the years we don't tend to think of quoting them any more (as we already have a lot of great quotes), but we are eternally grateful to all the people who have given us permission to quote them.

(As our way of saying thanks, we've tried to include a link to the websites of all the people we've quoted. If we've quoted you and not included a link, it's probably because we don't have one, so please do email us if you'd like us to add one.)

It took me forever to understand other sites and their charts. Finally, I found your web site. It was fast, easy and accurate.

Thank you so much!

Jessica Kee
Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland

Love the website – it's saved me a fortune!

Alan Kiff BSc MSc MIET
Concept Energy Solutions

Your degree day website is an extremely valuable resource for the energy industry. I have been looking for this type of data for a very long time. I congratulate you for organizing a huge amount of information into a user-friendly interface that nearly everyone should be able to maneuver.

I will introduce your website to my students when we are studying the correlation between heating degree days and space heating consumption, comparing an efficient envelope with an inefficient envelope, and comparing HDD at different temperature bases.

Please keep up the good work – it's very valuable!

R Bruce Alford
Energy Management Program, Lane Community College, Oregon

I love your degree day website. It is a fantastic time saver.

I can't tell you enough how much I love having this info readily available, with the ability to download the data. I have been looking for something like this for years, instead of relying on old info or spending too much time on calculating.

Deborah Meehan
Certified Energy Auditor
New England Energy Audit

I love your site! It is very easy to use and provides the information I need for free.

I have forwarded your site to many of my associates.

Chris Baker
Energy Systems Coordinator
Kenton County School District, Kentucky

This is very useful information for corporate energy audits, and a vital budgeting tool.

Tom Bertelsen
Colombia, South Carolina

Great site. Very understandable and user friendly.

Rick Flusche
Crescent Real Estate Equities
Fort Werth, Texas

Thanks for your website, it's awesome! I've been looking for something like it for months!

I never thought that I would find something that would allow me to choose any base temperature, either for heating or cooling, for every small town in North America.

Nicolas Bois
Airex Industries (Industrial HVAC and Other Industrial Equipment)
Quebec & Ontario, Canada

Thanks for providing a very user-friendly means of quickly obtaining HDD and CDD data.

Henry D Turner, CEM
Energy Analyst, Energy Management

Your website is really fantastic, easy to use and a big help for energy management calculations.


Juan Núñez
Area Chief Engineer (Southern Europe) CP, HI, EX
Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC

Degree was exactly what I was looking for.

It's really useful. I'll spread the word.

Lindsay Baker
Center for the Built Environment, University of California, Berkeley

Degree was simply a great find.

Dr Roy L. Streit
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

I love your site and it has proved invaluable.

Chris Davis
General Foreman
United States Penitentiary, Marion Illinois

I would like to thank you for posting this wonderful website, it has been bookmarked by me and was quite helpful in my energy audit for a manufacturing facility in New York.

Jim Olmsted
Antares Group (Bioenergy / Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency)
Rome, NY (and offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Colorado)

Thanks for the site: really useful, and has probably saved many kg CO2 one way or another.

Damon Hart-Davis

I was having issues finding information for the SouthEast region of the US until I found your wonderful site.

Thank you for this awesome free resource.

Marcus De La Rosa
Mechanical Engineer

I find the BizEE Degree Day web site very useful for our property management activities.

We prefer to obtain HDD/CDD data that coincides with our utility billing periods. The BizEE site has enough flexibility that I can obtain the data needed by pulling one or two reports at most to cover the dates needed.

James Green
Vice President – Engineering
Hines (Real Estate)

Thanks for such a nice website with information and data source. It is very useful for energy calculations.

Sanjay Patel, P. Eng.
Apotex Pharmachem Inc.
Brantford, Canada

I'm a green energy consultant, and Degree helped me understand how to predict my future energy consumption.

I live in Catania (Italy) and it's surprising to see how easily I can manage my energy bills using my local weather station data.

I recommend this tool, it worked to lower my air conditioning energy consumption needs.

Enrico Forte
Residential Solar Power

Thank you for a very useful site. I live well outside of Boston and our heating seasons are 20–25% colder. Until I found your site, I did not have a reliable source of degree data for my area. I can now better understand the effects of energy efficiency improvements I might make by taking the variability of the winters out of the equations.

Bob Marchetti
Central Massachusetts

I am in the HVAC & energy management business. We track utility usage (gas & electric) against HDD & CDD.

The NOAA site is cumbersome in that we cannot sort by just our zip and get the data... It takes some time to filter thru the data (and a lot of wasted printing). It is nice that your results go right into a spreadsheet.

Your explanation of HDD and CDD is great. Your explanation of its usefulness is VERY informative.

Thanks and keep up the good work!!

R. Jeffrey Murden, SMA
Murden Technical Service (HVAC and Energy Management)
Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Have only begun using the site this fall but already find it extremely useful in determining heating cost estimates for various facilities and locations.

M. E. Brewer
South Branch Farms
Russellville, Missouri

I wanted to thank you for this tremendously helpful resource. The tool you've developed is easy to use, but flexible enough to be very powerful.

Lance Stewart
Facilities Maintenance Manager
City of Charlottesville, Virginia

I love it. I'm in the process of developing training for building operators for buildings that are on Toronto's Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) central cooling system, and am introducing them to monitoring & targeting. Having this source of CDD data is really helpful, in part to show the impact of base temperature. I'll certainly reference your site in the training as well as with colleagues who are in the same line of work.

Doug Tripp
Sustainable Development Consulting Associates Inc.
Canadian Institute for Energy Training

Great website and service. Significant time saver, very user friendly and an easy way to hash through a great deal of data! Thanks Degree!

Jonathan Bower, BA Econ, BEng.
Engineering Project Analyst
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Love the site, very useful, easy to use and understand. Very intuitive, unlike some of the NOAA sites.

Robert Bacher
Project Manager
Veolia Water North America-Northeast

I like that you can search a local weather station and download the data in excel so that it's easy to manipulate. Last year when I tried to analyze my heating bill it was a big hassle. I could only find generalized numbers for the major wx stations. Thanks.

Roger LeCompte
Old Saybrook, Connecticut

The information that I downloaded was very helpful in estimating some natural gas billing that the utility has not issued for the past few months for one of our clients. I appreciated the easy maneuverability of your website and quick download.

Fran Rooney
Energy Analyst
Luthin Associates (Energy Management Services)
New Jersey

Just discovered your site. Extremely user-friendly. Good articles explaining H&CDD principles. Well done. Passed your site on to 7 of my colleagues already.

Claus P. Daniel, CPE
Maintenance Manager
Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, Alaska

I am in the market for a new HVAC system and have used extensively to help me understand the "tipping point" of hybrid systems (I am considering both geothermal and air-source heat pumps).

I have also shared the site with others who were trying to determine their savings from installing geothermal. really helps to ensure a fair comparison across different years.

D. Cooper
Homeowner in Cincinnati, OH

I use the BizEE degree days info monthly. I am responsible for operations and reporting of HVAC and fuel for a 400,000 sq. ft. facility here in east Tennessee with an annual budget of around $3,000,000.

This makes comparing energy usage between months and years much easier. Thanks for your information and availability.

Dave Samsel
Facility Engineer
JTEKT Automotive
Morristown, TN

This is great! I wish I had had this for the past few months because I am doing commercial energy audits. I have more audits to do in the future. I use the daily numbers and adjust the monthly HDD for the actual heating bills I am analyzing. Your site saves so much time. Thanks.

Bob Tinker
Archiopolis Architects in Sustainable Design
Ann Arbor, MI

Congratulations on an excellent source of helpful information. This is some of the most useful information I have seen, and I have been in the business since 1974!

Bob Young
Retro-commissioning Engineer
SNC-Lalvalin ProFac Inc (Operations and Maintenance Management)

It has been great discovering your web site and the wealth of information provided. It will without doubt be invaluable to many people.

I shall surely recommend you to others.

Olatunji Adeyemi
Energy Demand Forecaster
Scottish and Southern Energy PLC
United Kingdom

I love your HDD website. I work at the Erie Housing Authority. The federal government, through HUD, funds our Public Housing program. Utility costs are something that we are required to track very closely. Your web site makes this a lot easier for me.

We are in the process of replacing 1,300 furnaces with new high-efficiency models. I am sure that in the next few years I will get many questions on our natural gas consumption. Your web site will definitely help.

Thanks for all of your work making this as quick and easy as possible.

Chuck Lepo
Housing Authority of the City of Erie, Pennsylvania

I'm doing an MSc in Building Design at De Montfort University in the UK. Our assignment is on degree days and I've found your website a super resource and have told everyone on the course to check it out.

My analysis shows that you've done a very thorough job of calculating the degree days. Your results are excellent and your website is very informative and useful for real design work. Your explanations of degree days and their pitfalls and advantages are spot on.

Thanks heaps.

Norm Wheatley
Graduate Student
Energy and Sustainable Building Design MSc, De Montfort University, UK

Your website, combined with the knowledge that we teach, provides valuable information for householders seeking to take control of their home's energy use, especially the use of heating fuel, for which few other tools are available.

Malcolm Fowles
Course Chair
The Open University

I am bowled over by what you have created. Congratulations!

Ray Peacock
Industrial Physicist and founder of MrPyrometer

I want to thank you for this extremely valuable resource. I'm developing a Building Performance Institute certification training for home performance contractors and will include a link to your site in the courseware.

Dadla Ponizil
Ponizil Energy (Green Home Construction and Upgrades)

The Degree web site is extremely helpful... I use it to educate others, taking say 75 degrees for cooling, then using 76 degrees to see how it affects the cost. I've put together a spreadsheet where the Facility Managers can add up all their equipment load. Using the different temperature settings and average KWh cost it calculates the difference in operating costs.

Gary C. Wobler
Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security
Indianapolis, Indiana

I feel that this type of information is going to become more and more valuable as our nation continues to press forward with conservation and efficiency. In the utility industry we have seen a big push for cleaner and cheaper power but, without the data that you provide, it makes it difficult to judge the factors of weather and how they affect the overall demand for power.

Matthew Jones
Hannibal Board of Public Works
Hannibal, MO

Excellent site.  I have passed along the link to others in our office.

David Parkinson, P.Eng.
F.C. O'Neill, Scriven & Associates Ltd.

The Degree website is one of my best finds in the past 18 months! As a lecturer who teaches architectural science, this site has saved me hours of time answering student queries about weather data sets, how to generate degree days data for specific balance points and so on. So my sincerest thanks go to its authors for making life just that bit easier!

Dr. Peter Rutherford
Associate Professor – Architecture
Department of Architecture and Built Environment
University of Nottingham

Thank you for your web site. A group of us farmer plant-breeders are using it to calculate growing degree days for the crops that we are developing. It is very helpful.

Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph's Farm-Garden website

Nice site! I appreciate the ease of accessing and obtaining good information on both HDD and CDD data.

D. McGaughey
Anne Arundel County, MD

Easy to use and very useful for adding into calculation software for heat pumps, as the generic data is quite often very generic.  For installers and designers that actually care.

Brian Saunders
Air2nrg – Renewable Energy Heating

Very nice site, and I will spread the word.

Alex Dessler Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Texas A&M Atmospheric Sciences Dept.

Thank you very much for providing the crucial information for Dubai-UAE in a most user friendly format.

Sarfraz H Dairkee
M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co. LLC

Thank you so much for making this data available. I tried to generate the same data from Environment Canada years ago and it was such a pain that I gave up on it.

I just copy/pasted in my oil delivery dates and out came every degree day value I needed. I'm amazed.

Kenny MacDermid
Homeowner in Bedford, Nova Scotia

Your degree days information is a great asset.  I get international calls, particularly from Middle Eastern and North African countries, where they want to know the ASHRAE Zone for their city, before they design wall air and vapor barrier systems.  When ASHRAE does not cover a city, we use Degree  Thanks again for great information!

Malik Nawaz
Consultant, Design Services
Carlisle SynTec Systems

Your work has been an outstanding help to my HVAC and Energy management classes. It would be very difficult to provide adequate instruction in these courses without your help. Thanks so much!

Wayne A. Helmer
Professor, PhD, P.E., CEM
Mechanical Engineering, Arkansas Tech University

I use the daily summary every time I have a fuel delivery.  That way, I know if my heating system is working as it should.

When my gallons burned per degree-day suddenly doubled, then tripled between deliveries, I knew there must be something wrong with my heating system.  I called the repair people immediately and they discovered a stuck thermostat!  Degree saved me a lot of money in fuel bills.

Plus, you have a great web site, easy to use.  Thank you for your efforts.

Richard Craven
Homeowner in Falmouth

You have a valuable web page that is easy to use, delivers data quickly, and the information is relevant and valuable. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Joe Sorbet
Director of Engineering
Gateway Facility Services

I think the Degree Pro Day Pass is terrific and good value for the money. I just downloaded heating and cooling degree days for 10 years (i.e. as long as I've lived here) for the nearest station to my home. Generating the data was quick and downloading it very simple.

Thanks for making this possible.

Andy Rittmeyer
Homeowner in Blue Ridge Mountains

I thought I would drop you a short e-mail to say how useful your degree days service has become.  As an Energy Consultant, I have been using your degree day service for some years for both UK and overseas sites.  In all cases when I write a report I let the reader know where the Degree Day data has come from and I hope that, in the future, they have gone on to use the service as well.

Keep up the good work.

A Anthony Osborne BSc
Engineering Director
ICDM (International Construction Design & Management Ltd)

What a wonderful world! I am still up in the sky over how easy and user friendly this web service is. For two years I have had to collect degree days manually from the meteorological data site. But now it is so easy, and is a much better tool than I could ever imagine. We recommend this site to all students involved in energy calculations.

Inga Sørensen, Geologist
Master of Science Civil Engineer Programme
VIA University College

Best degree day website ever! What else is there to say?

Terry Cannon
P.E., Principal CEM, LEED-AP
ThermalTech Engineering

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