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Energy Degree Programs and Courses

The sorts of people that use our degree days calculator are often interested in studying energy-related disciplines further. As awareness of energy and environmental issues increases, more and more institutions are offering energy-related degree courses. We have researched and compiled this information to act as a guide to the different energy-related degree programs on offer around the world, and the career prospects that a graduate of those programs might expect.

We will probably expand this section of the site over time, so please let us know if there are other courses that you think we should mention. Also, if you run an energy- or education-related website, and you consider this to be a useful resource (we're not aware of any other such energy-focused lists online), we'd really appreciate it if you mentioned this resource on your website. Many of these courses were pretty hard to find, and we'd like to do our bit to make things easier for potential students of energy-related disciplines.

Energy Management Courses

"Energy management" is a term that has a number of different meanings, but, in broad terms, it is about managing available resources to make the most efficient use of energy. (You can read our article on energy management for more information on the various meanings of the term.) Courses with "energy management" in their names or descriptions often cover broader environmental and economic issues as well the implementation of practical solutions.

As corporations and public-sector organisations are continually facing pressure to reduce their energy consumption, there are lots of opportunities for energy-management graduates.

Economics and Policy

The following energy-management courses are focused on economics and policy. They look at the overall view of the issues of energy consumption and climate change, and developing policies and strategies to address those issues.

Typical career paths:

CountryUniversityCourse NameQualification
DenmarkAalborg UniversitySustainable Energy Planning and ManagementMSc
USASouthern Illinois University CarbondaleAgribusiness Economics – Energy and Environmental PolicyBS
USAUniversity of DelawareEnergy & Environmental PolicyBS
USANY Institute of TechnologyEnergy ManagementMS
AustraliaMurdoch University, PerthSustainable Energy ManagementBachelor of Science
GermanyUniversity of FreiburgRenewable Energy ManagementMSc
IrelandDublin Institute of TechnologyEnergy ManagementMSc
NetherlandsUniversity of TwenteEnvironmental and Energy ManagementMSc
NZUniversity of OtagoEnergy ManagementBachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc)
UKUniversity of the West of EnglandClimate change and Energy ManagementBSc
UKUniversity of GlasgowCarbon ManagementMSc
NorwayBI Norwegian Business SchoolExecutive Master of Management in EnergyMM

Built Environment

The following courses are also energy management degrees, but they have a specific focus on making buildings (including factories) as energy-efficient as possible.

Typical career paths:

CountryUniversityCourse NameQualification
UKDe Montfort UniversityEnergy and Industrial SustainabilityMSc
UKUniversity of Central LancashireSustainable Energy ManagementBSc
USALane Community College, OregonEnergy ManagementAssociate in Applied Sciences
USAEcotech Institute, ColoradoEnergy EfficiencyAssociate of Applied Science

MBA Courses

The following MBA courses specialising in energy are aimed at people who are already managers or energy-industry professionals. There is currently a high demand for managers who have specialist training in energy management, particularly in developing economies such as Eastern Europe.

Typical career paths:

CountryUniversityCourse NameQualification
AustriaWU Executive Academy, ViennaEnergy ManagementMBA
UKCity of London CollegeEnergy ManagementMBA
UKLondon School of Business & FinanceCarbon ManagementMBA
UKWarwick Business SchoolGlobal EnergyMBA
USAHuniversity of HoustonGlobal Energy ManagementMBA
USAMarylhurst UniversityOnline MBA in Sustainable BusinessMBA
CanadaUniversity of CalgaryGlobal Energy Management and Sustainable DevelopmentMBA

Engineering Courses

The following are engineering courses that specialise in the technical side of energy, although many of them also cover topics such as energy policy and economics.

Building Services and Industry

As well as traditional engineering subjects, these courses cover the design and maintenance of environmentally-friendly buildings.

Typical career paths:

CountryUniversityCourse NameQualification
USANYU SCPSCertificate in Sustainable Design, Construction and DevelopmentCertificate
UKLondon Southbank UniversityBuilding Services EngineeringBEng
UKBrunel UniversityBuilding Services Engineering with Sustainable EnergyMSc
USATemple UniversityEngineering Technology – Energy and Building TechnologiesBS
UKUniversity of UlsterEnergy and Building Services EngineeringBEng
USAHumbolt State University CaliforniaEnvironmental Resources Engineering – Energy ResourcesBS
USACity University of New YorkEnergy Services and TechnologyAssociate in Applied Sciences

Sustainability / Renewable Technology

These engineering courses focus on renewable technologies such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as improving the efficiency of fossil fuel energy.

Typical career paths:

CountryUniversityCourse NameQualification
GermanyFH AachenEnergy SystemsMS
USAColumbia UniversityEarth and Environmental Engineering – Sustainable Energy and MaterialsBS
USAPinnacle Career InstituteOnline Wind Turbine TechnicianCertificate
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideSustainable Energy EngineeringBachelor of Engineering
UKDurham UniversityNew and Renewable EnergyMEng
USAUniversity of ColoradoOnline Sustainability ProgramCertificate
USAArizona State UniversitySustainability (various)BA/BS/MA/MS

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